So I think I found the top 5 rarest pokemon in rumble blast and how to obtain them

*note this is the north america version*

#1 Shamyn Sky This pokemon you can only obtain this through 120 street pass visitors in north america why is this higher than victini? because you can get victini at the beginning of the game, codes, and the streetpass.

#2 Victini This pokemon you can only get 3 of per game

#3 Tied- Mewtwo and Arceus These both you need too beat ex #6 team battle and battle royale and then you have to find them

#4 Mew You need 80 street pass visitors for this pokemon and wow there are two street pass things on here

#5 Tied Landorus and Cobalion these both you need to have 2 other legendaries the only thing that makes these tied and landorus not above is that thundurus is a code.

PS: street pass pokemon would be the rarest pokemon because nobody is going to have 80 people on their street pass unless they go around the world twice

These might be out of order some and some might be rarer than other comment below to tell me if I made a mistake